Agio Launches Managed Security

New York, NY – August 19, 2014 – Agio, a progressive Managed IT and Security Services Provider, announced today the launch of its Managed Security offering. Utilizing state-of-the-art enterprise-class tools, like Agio’s custom SIEM, the service provides a combination of 24x7x365 event monitoring, configuration monitoring and daily vulnerability scans, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), and real-time identification and resolution of cyber security threats. Agio’s Managed Security helps clients meet the network monitoring, inventory, and auditing components of the various compliance standards, such as the SEC OCIE Risk Alert, FINRA, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

When asked what makes Agio’s Managed Security offering different from competitors, Chris Harper, Managing Director of Security, replied, “The short answer is configuration monitoring, daily vulnerability assessments, and consolidation of tools into a single solution. No other Managed Security service offers these components. Our approach is focused on protecting your data, not just securing the perimeter. In other words, we secure your environment from the inside out.” “But systems and tools, alone, aren’t enough,” CEO Bart R. McDonough added. “You need people behind the machines who know what they’re doing. Deep expertise in security is more than just knowledge; it’s equivalent to intuition, which can mean the difference between recognizing patterns and overlooking them. We have those people. The end result is a smarter, holistic approach to security.”

With Agio’s risk-based approach, the service’s unique cross-platform visibility provides clients with a 360° view of their security health, while Agio’s active remediation offers clients the peace of mind that security experts with 15+ years of experience are vigilantly monitoring and managing security threats to their environment.

About Agio
Agio is a leading IT and Security Managed Services Provider, offering technology hosting, monitoring, management, disaster prevention and recovery, security, and other high-end technology services. With nearly 150 employees, Agio is headquartered in New York City with operational headquarters in Norman, OK. Learn more at

Kate Wood, Director of Marketing, Agio

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