The HITRUST CSF enables your organization to implement a certifiable, comprehensive information security and compliance framework, developed specifically for healthcare.

While HIPAA details the standards for regulatory compliance, HITRUST provides a prescriptive set of controls that help you comply with HIPAA and other security standards, such as NIST and PCI. Implementing the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) provides a deliberate and programmatic approach, not only to compliance but to continuous improvement of security safeguards as well.

HITRUST certification also enables our clients to provide meaningful assurance of their commitment to information security to customers, business partners, investors, and government agencies. It reduces the burden on your team when asked to fulfill multiple and diverse diligence requests from third parties.

Designed for healthcare providers, business associates, and other related businesses (like biotech/pharma) Agio Healthcare’s HITRUST Readiness Assessment prepares your organization for the HITRUST certification process.

We uncover gaps in your organization’s security program that would otherwise prevent you from attaining HITRUST certification. Following the Readiness Assessment, you will know exactly what is required to successfully certify with HITRUST.

Our Assessment Process:

Scoping Session

We start with a scoping session designed to optimize your certification in relation to your other compliance requirements.  

Control Review

After scoping, Agio Healthcare reviews each control with you to determine whether remediation is necessary.



We then propose the appropriate next steps and help schedule certification.

HITRUST Validated Assessment

Our role in the HITRUST Validated Assessment engagement process is to help you demonstrate that your organization meets all controls in the CSF, at the appropriate level required, for the current year’s certification. After submission, Agio Healthcare will respond to any questions posed by HITRUST. Ultimately, the decision for granting certification is based on the testing results of the CSF Assessor and is reviewed, approved, and certified by the HITRUST Alliance.

HITRUST Interim Assessment

To retain an organization’s validation/certification for the full two-year period, a review must be completed after the first year. The assessment involves a sample set of controls and must be conducted within 60 days of the anniversary of the initial report date.