Managed Services & Programs

Agio Healthcare’s managed portfolio is built on two fundamental principles. First, effective security and compliance is an ongoing process, not a product. Second, that process must be holistic, rather than a collection of disparate departmental initiatives and solutions.

Our comprehensive programs are tailored to each organization’s individual needs, timeframes, and budgets. In addition to overall project management, Agio Healthcare’s programs include a mix of virtual CISO (vCISO) services, technical testing, security and compliance assessments (HIPAA/HITRUST/PCI), risk analysis, social engineering testing, and security awareness training.

Clients also find our fixed monthly pricing attractive, helping them to amortize costs over an 18-24 month timeframe, allowing for better planning/budgeting and more predictable expenses.

The Agio Healthcare 360 program protects patient data by improving your cyber defenses, reducing risk, and simplifying regulatory compliance for HIPAA-covered entities such as health providers, business associates, and payors. It is also highly effective for other health-related industries such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical.

Program Features

Comprehensive Penetration Testing


HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Security Architecture Review


Incident Response Policy Development & Tabletops

Agio Healthcare’s HITRUST 360° is a security and compliance lifecycle management program built around the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF). As an approved HITRUST CSF assessor, Agio Healthcare can help you achieve and maintain HITRUST certification.

Program Features

HITRUST Readiness Assessment

Policy Development


HITRUST Validated Assessment

HITRUST Interim Assessment

As more organizations hire CISOs and mature their security and governance programs, they demand something more than an annual penetration test – they require a technical program tailored to their specific needs based on the cyber efforts they have already implemented. And regardless of internal skills, there is always a benefit to having a qualified, independent testing organization weigh in.

We created Agio Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Technical Testing Program to fulfill this need. After reviewing various system vulnerabilities, our highly experienced team assesses your organization’s existing platforms and systems, uncovers weaknesses, and designs a customized a plan to close any gaps.

Program Features

Penetration Testing


Web & Mobile App Testing

Cloud Security Architecture Review

Breach & Attack Simulation

Third-party healthcare vendors contributed to over one-third of all patient records breached over the past two years. This risk is too large to ignore yet difficult to mitigate. At Agio Healthcare, we conduct thorough assessments of your business associates and risk rate them accordingly. We also help improve your internal processes for the continual monitoring of these vendors.

Program Features

Due Diligence Risk Assessments


Third-Party Risk Assessments

Risk Dashboards

Like almost all aspects of cyber protection, security awareness is an ongoing process rather than an end-state. Agio Healthcare takes a programmatic approach to security awareness, helping our clients implement a perpetual learning program of TEST-TRAIN-RETEST. At a minimum, we recommend annual cybersecurity awareness seminars for all employees, supported by quarterly social engineering testing, frequent topic-specific communications and visual reminders (posters, screensavers, etc.). We also provide unlimited access to our online content library.

Program Features

Quarterly Social Engineering Campaigns

Online Security Awareness Training

Ransomware Resilience Testing

Debit and credit cards are by far the preferred method of patient payment for healthcare services, particularly for on-premise payments. PCI DSS requirements apply to all organizations that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. Agio Healthcare uniquely offers both PCI and HIPAA compliance services, leveraging overlap between the two where possible. In addition to our healthcare security expertise, we are also an experienced PCI QSA.

Program Features

PCI Gap Analysis

PCI Pen Test

PCI Policy Development

PCI Report on Compliance (RoC)

Agio Healthcare combines best-in-breed technology with a team of world-class security engineers to proactively monitor, mitigate and respond to threats across your enterprise 24x7x365. With full transparency and actionable reporting, we detect and alert on advanced threats and brute force attacks, stopping hackers in their tracks.

Service Features


Unified Security Management


Endpoint Detection & Response


Incident Response Management

Email Threat Protection & Phishing Protection

A senior-level Agio Healthcare security professional is assigned to every one of our clients. Supported by our team of cybersecurity engineers, this trusted advisor can support incumbent CISOs or act in the capacity of a virtual CISO (vCISO).

Responsibilities include leading monthly reviews and updates, participating in internal meetings as an internal subject matter expert, and providing ongoing management guidance regarding program execution and organizational governance.