Agio HITRUST 360° Program

When becoming HITRUST-certified is your objective, Agio can educate you about the process, prepare you for the audit and perform the official assessments leading to certification.

HITRUST certification allows your organization to communicate demonstrate to business partners and other third-party entities that sensitive information protection is both a necessity and priority, essential security controls are in place, and your management is committed to information security. Our HITRUST clients come to us from many industry sectors and with varying concerns and compliance objectives. We work with you to construct a program designed to ensure your HITRUST successWe like to do things right the first time. Our approach is to educate you about the process, prepare you for the formal assessment and to have you certify successfully the first time. 


Program Management

Managing the many moving pieces of HITRUST compliance requires attention and experience. Your Agio Program Manager and Agio HITRUST External Assessor confer with you on a monthly basis to keep you on track, review your progress and provide guidance on advancing & maturing your security program.


HITRUST Validated Assessment

Your HITRUST External Assessor will work with you to complete and submit the Assessment module in MyCSF and continue to communicate with HITRUST on your behalf throughout the assessment review process. Once submitted to HITRUST, the decision for granting certification to your organization will be based on the testing results of Agio Healthcare and ultimately reviewed, approved and certified by the HITRUST Alliance.

Policy Review & Development

Using industry best practice, applicable compliance frameworks, and guidance from HITRUST, we review, remediate or create your security policies in support of your Security Program and align them to meet he HITRUST requirements.

Readiness Assessment

Organizations that prepare in advance of their HITRUST validated assessment reduce expense and avoid potential pitfalls to HITRUST adoption. Your Agio HITRUST External Assessor will perform interviews, policy reviews, data mapping and evidence review to provide you with a remediation plan and roadmap for certification success.

HITRUST Interim Assessment

Your certification is extended for a 2nd year by completing an Interim Assessment comprised of the review and testing of a single control in each control category. Again, Agio Healthcare assesses and HITRUST is the final arbiter of your continued certification.

Other Service Options

You can package any of our other consulting service options with your HITRUST 360° program, including PCI, Managed Detection, Logging, Incident Response and advanced Cyber Testing services.  Agio will take a work smart approach to your program and combine efforts on our side and yours wherever possible to yield multiple streams of reporting.

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We know you have many choices when selecting a HITRUST External Assessor, but the things our clients appreciate most about us include a “work smart”, strategic approach to your certification (and underlying compliance) with the goal of yielding efficiencies on both sides of the audit table.

Our experienced team of HITRUST experts educate you about the process and the security controls too; our Assessors are accomplished Cybersecurity professionals, not just auditors, so they can make recommendations that advance your cyber security goals and support a successful  certification process. Our amortized pricing puts HITRUST in reach for any size organization.