Agio PCI 360° Compliance Program

Our holistic, programmatic approach to maintaining PCI compliance is rooted in proactive collaboration and CISO-style guidance by a QSA, with a long-term view towards simplifying your compliance activities and strengthening your security posture.

With more and more retail, ecommerce and shopping moving to online and mobile applications coupled with cyber-criminals motivation for financial gain, credit cards continue to be an opportunistic target.  The stronger your defenses, the more likely you are to deter the bad guys. As a trusted PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for over a decade, our program is tailored to address PCI compliance and advance your overall cybersecurity posture, for merchants and service providers alike.

PCI Gap Analysis & Security Risk Assessment

Utilizing the PCI Security Standards Council’s (PCI SSC’s) Prioritized Approach framework, our QSA presents gaps in a risk-focused manner to ensure that you know where your biggest exposures might be. The detailed report documents your PCI scope, identifies compliance gaps and provides recommendations with a prioritized risk approach.

Policy Review & Development

Agio helps you write and review your initial security policies, as well as advising on future updates based on changing PCI compliance requirements, external threats and industry trends.

Program Management & Portal

Your Program Manager and assigned QSA sit down with you on a monthly basis to review progress, leveraging a web-based portal which you have full access to, providing a central location for tracking and reporting.


Incident Response Testing

Once a year, we execute tabletop exercises, conduct follow-up meetings with your management, and lead a whiteboarding session to evaluate your response to incidents relevant to your business or industry.

PCI Penetration Testing

Because Agio is a PCI QSA, we know exactly what is required in a Pen Test to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS. We know how hackers think, and we leverage the attacker’s mindset to test and breach your systems both on-site and remotely, successfully identifying weaknesses.

SAQ or ROC Assessment

As a QSA, we assist with the interpretation and response for each requirement and sub-requirement of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), and can perform a formal Report on Compliance (RoC) if one is required.

Proactive Monitoring

Agio monitors your firm’s domain names and public DNS services for unusual activity that may indicate cyber fraud.

Other Service Options

You can package any of our other consulting service options with your PCI program, specific to your needs. Agio will take a work smart approach to your program and combine efforts on our side and yours wherever possible to yield multiple streams of reporting.

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Manageable Lifecycle

Generally we see companies exert a high level of effort and focus on activities for a specific period of time in order to first gain, and then maintain compliance. Unfortunately, this burst of focus is extremely disruptive, taxing internal resources and derailing project work. Instead, we take those activities and spread them over the course of your program to make compliance digestible and manageable – not to mention affordable, amortizing your PCI spend throughout the year.