Configuration Management

Often overlooked, security misconfigurations are among the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities. While common, these errors can leave your organization open to serious risks.

Over time firewalls, which are designed to protect your IT environment from intruders and malicious traffic, are likely to have policies that are ineffective or need updating after becoming too loose or permissive. With hybrid and cloud computing, the sheer complexity of these systems magnifies the likelihood of errors. Bottom line, networking designed for connectivity, is inherently insecure. Open ports and/or outbound connections to various Internet services invite misbehavior, either by applications or malicious hackers.

Agio Healthcare believes that meeting these challenges requires two things: increased visibility and proper architecture. We can help you take a step back and map out communications and data flows across your entire ecosystem. From there, we conduct a full Security Architecture Review (network devices, servers, cloud, endpoints) and recommend appropriate changes to help you lock down your critical infrastructure and safeguard your most important assets.